About Our Fair

In 1205, Thrapston was granted a Market Charter by

King John, for the price of two palfreys.

It is the only town in Northamptonshire

that still holds livestock markets.


Every year, Thrapston celebrates its market status with a Fair and in its present form; it has been in existence since 1991. Since it started, the Fair has only been cancelled twice, in 1998 due to flooding and again in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The first Charter Fair in 1991 was put together on a shoestring as there was absolutely no funding. The closure of the High Street was facilitated by the opening of the A14 as it meant that the traffic through the town was greatly reduced. Even back in 1991 the Fair was very well supported by businesses & the local community.


We believe there was some sort of Charter celebration held in the town prior to the Charter Fair and it was held to coincide with St. James Day on 25th July. It is now held on the last Saturday of June, apart from 2021 when it was held in September due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It's held in the High Street, which is closed to traffic from 11.00am until 7.00pm. Stalls, displays and exhibitions are located along the whole length of the street.