Timings of events in the Main Arena


Compere - Steve Jeffery


1.55pm              Opening Ceremony

2.00pm              32 / 20 (Blues Band)

2.25pm              Thrapston Town Band

2.55pm              Roger Williams (60’s & Country Guitar Vocalist)

3.15pm              Steve Jay (pop)

3.35pm              32 / 20 (Blues Band)

3.55pm              Roger Williams (60’s & Country Guitar Vocalist)

4.15pm              Steve Jay & Mates (Shadows tribute & Glam Rock covers)

4.50pm              Raffle

5.00pm              32 / 20 (Blues Band)

5.25pm              Closing Ceremony

Punch & Judy




In the Bistro area (by the library)





By the traffic lights Oundle Road

All times are approximate and may be subject to change but acts will be encouraged  

to adhere to them as closely as possible once they have been agreed.

The Charter Fair Committee accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to persons attending the street fair